Suspicion of demanding ‘back money’ from players… Dismissal of KIA general manager Jang Jeong-seok

Professional baseball KIA general manager Jang Jeong-seok (50) was fired after being caught up in rumors that he demanded ‘back money’ under the pretext of contract negotiations with a player. KIA announced on the 29th that “it was judged that the demand for money and valuables could not be justified for any reason, so a disciplinary committee was held and the dismissal was taken.” General manager Jang is under suspicion of asking Park Dong-won (32, LG), who was a member of the team during last year’s season, to “give me some of the money because I will give you a high down payment” during the course of negotiating a multi-year contract.

General Manager Jang explained to KIA that “it was a joke.” However, it is said that he asked for money twice. At first, Park Dong-won did not show much reaction to Jang’s request, but when he made the same request again, it is known that he recorded it. After the season, Park Dong-won came out of the FA (free agent) market and transferred to LG. Park Dong-won recently informed the KIA club and the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association (Athletes’ Association) of this fact. Athletes’ Association Secretary General Jang Dong-cheol said, “This is something that cannot be seen as a joke by seniors and juniors in the baseball world.”

Director Jang expressed his appreciation to the club when suspicions arose. However, KIA issued a separate dismissal action.안전놀이터 The KIA also reported the fact of Jang’s misconduct to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO). KIA said, “I feel a heavy sense of responsibility and will work harder on compliance training for executives and staff and athletes to prevent this from happening again.” This magazine tried to contact Jang several times to hear the position and explanation, but could not reach him.

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