The choice of ‘Congratulations’ is the US MLS “If I wanted money, I would have gone to Saudi Arabia”

The choice of ‘God of Football’ was the United States. Lionel Messi has directly announced that he is not going to Al-Hilal in the Saudi Arabian Professional League, nor to FC Barcelona in the Spanish La Liga, but to Inter Miami in the US Major League Soccer (MLS).

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper Sports and Mundo Deportipo on the 8th, Messi said, “I decided to go to Inter Miami.”

Messi’s next move, after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) expires at the end of this month, is strongly predicted to advance to the Saudi league and return to Barcelona after two years. However, Messi explained the background of his trip to the United States, saying, “I decided to leave Europe when it became virtually difficult to return to Barcelona after the World Cup last year.” He added, “If I had money in mind, I would have gone to Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. My decision has little to do with money.”

In this regard, The Athletic, an American sports media outlet, reported that Apple TV+, an online video service (OTT) that broadcasts MLS for the next 10 years, and Adidas, an MLS sponsor, reviewed plans to share some of the profits from the league with Messi. The British BBC reported that Messi had already set up a house in Miami, Florida, which is famous as a vacation spot, and said, “Messi was attracted to Miami for reasons other than football, such as contracts with large brands and lifestyle.”

Messi also expressed his love for Barcelona in an interview. Messi said, “I really wanted to go back,” and “I heard that (to sign me) I had to release some players and cut salaries, but I didn’t want that.” Messi, who had a tearful press conference leaving Barcelona in August 2021, said, “I didn’t want to repeat the same situation,” and “I wanted to decide my future for myself and my family.” He added, “I don’t know when it will be, but I want to return to Barcelona and contribute to the club.”먹튀검증

Inter Miami is co-ownership and chairman David Beckham. MLS runs the regular league from February to October and plays the playoffs until December. Inter Miami currently ranks lowest among the 15 teams in the Eastern Conference with 5 wins and 11 losses. Manager Phil Neville was fired last week. It is known that the League Cup home game will be promoted on July 21st as Messi’s debut match.

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