“The crisis came because I missed too much” Kim Dong-yeop injury → Suarez departure, no players… Cruel April, deepening sigh

 It is a cruel April. Bad news is overlapping the Samsung Lions.

Kim Dong-yeop, who was in good shape for a long time, left due to damage to the left quadriceps muscle. Additional examinations are required, but when confirmed, a two-month gap is inevitable.

Samsung head coach Park Jin-man said, “The MRI results look bad,” and said, “I’ll have to check the 2nd and 3rd rounds more, but the prognosis is not good.”

Kim Dong-yeop started as the designated hitter in the Daegu Lotte game on the 15th, hit a shortstop ground ball in the 5th inning with one out and bases loaded, and sprinted to prevent double play, complained of pain and was replaced with runner Yoon Jeong-bin.

“At first, I thought I had sprained my ankle,” said coach Park. Kim Dong-yeop will undergo an additional test on the 17th.

The day before, Kim Tae-gun was hospitalized with acute hepatitis. The timing of his return is undecided.

Before the season, Samsung’s starting center fielder and top hitter Kim Hyeon-joon fell out due to a bone fracture. Kim Jae-seong also left due to oblique muscle damage. A 2-3 month gap is an unavoidable long-term gap. Transferred outfielder Kim Tae-hoon seriously injured his ankle ligaments while training ahead of the game against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 8th.

A situation where five main beasts are missing at once. It’s a scale that is hard to pass lightly, saying, “It’s the same for other teams.”

Director Park, who was usually resolute, could not hide his embarrassment. He said, “I’m in a crisis because I’ve missed too many,” and promised, “I’ll try to organize the team well so that the newcomers can show their worth.”

Fortunately, on the 16th, against Lotte in Daegu, the first winning series of the season was completed with a 9-1 victory in two-hit harmony for the first time this season. If the team lost consecutively amidst injuries to key players, the heavy atmosphere would have continued until next week.

After the match, coach Park Jin-man, who finished the game comfortably without any anxiety, said, “Both the two and the other are showing good performances, and the team atmosphere seems to be going well.”

However, I am worried about the 6th consecutive away match against Kiwoom-KIA this week. This is because two of the starting pitchers are missing.

Fifth starter Yang Chang-seop turned to long relief. To make matters worse, even Albert Suarez is away.

Due to personal circumstances,메이저사이트 he will leave for the United States on the 17th. We plan to visit in 4-5 days. Adjustment of the starting rotation is inevitable.

Coach Jin-man Park said, “I plan to adjust the rotation once without removing entries.” Still undecided,” he said.

As of the 17th, Samsung is in 8th place with 5 wins and 8 losses, less than a 40% win rate. You need to maintain a win rate of at least 50% this week to avoid being pushed out of range in the fierce early game. Veteran left-hander Baek Jung-hyun, who is scheduled to pitch twice this week, has a heavy burden on his shoulders.

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