The first record in the Yankees’ 120-year history, monster rookie ‘Jitter successor’ proved

Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees’ ‘monster rookie’ Anthony Volpi (22) achieved ’20 (home runs) – 20 (steals)’ in his debut season for the first time in the team’s 120-year history.

Volpi started as the third hitter and shortstop in the away game against Detroit held at Comerica Park in Detroit, USA on the 1st (Korean time). Until the previous day, he had recorded 19 home runs and 21 stolen bases for the season. In the top of the 9th inning, when the team was down 0-3, with 2 outs and 1st and 3rd bases, he pushed opposing pitcher Alex Lang (27)’s 97 mile per hour (approximately 156 km) fastball into the right wall. He fired a 3-pointer to tie the game.

With this, Volpi became the first Yankees player to hit 20 home runs and 20 stolen bases in his first major league season. If expanded to the entire major league, it is the 15th record in history.

Last year, Julio Rodriguez (23, Seattle) and Bobby Witt Jr. (23, Kansas City) achieved 20-20 as rookies. In particular, Rodriguez hit the jackpot by signing a huge contract with Seattle worth up to 18 years and a total of $470 million (about 620.823 billion won) based on his performance of 28 home runs and 25 stolen bases last year.

Born in New York State, USA, Volfi was selected by the Yankees in the 1st round (30th overall) of the 2019 Major League Baseball Draft and turned pro. His down payment was a whopping 2.7 million dollars (approximately 3.56697 million won).

Volpi made his major league debut this year, four years after he was born in the first round. Considering that the 2020 minor league was canceled due to Corona 19, he came up to the big league just three seasons after advancing to the pros.

In particular, at the time of his debut, he was evaluated as a player to succeed Derek Jeter (49), former Yankees captain, from the local media in the United States. His season record was 0.219 batting average in 133 games, 97 hits, 20 home runs and 57 RBIs. Although his accuracy in hitting the ball is still low, he has a good slugging percentage (0.411) as a center infielder with a heavy defensive burden.

The Yankees have won the World Series a whopping 27 times and are a prestigious team called the ‘evil empire’ in the major leagues. The annual salary of the players this year was also $ 279,361,190 (approximately 370,153,570,000 won), ranking second overall after the New York Mets.

However, this season’s record is 65 wins, 69 losses, and an odds ratio of 0.485, staying at the bottom of the American League East Division. It is a situation where it is not easy to escape from the bottom because the ride with Boston in 4th place is 4 games. Last month, he suffered 9 consecutive losses, and the end of his fall is nowhere to be seen. If the season ends like this, the Yankees will have the disgrace of failing to reach a .500 win rate for the first time in 31 years since 1992. In the match that day, the Yankees lost 3-4 with one run in the bottom of the 10th inning.카지노사이트

In this situation, Volpi’s rookie season ’20-20′ is a consolation and hope for the collapsed ‘evil empire’ Yankees.

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