“The first time? I didn’t expect it at all” Lee Won-jeong’s ‘That Day’-①

“Actually, I came without knowing that I would be put into the starting lineup, but I thought it was a replacement for a while…” In December of last year, Heungkuk Life Insurance 

announced the recruitment of a new housekeeper through an official press release.  

Setter Lee Won-jeong joined the road construction as a professional in the 2017-18 season. Later, after spending his days as a backup setter at GS Caltex, he was recruited by Heungkuk Life Insurance this season at the choice of former coach Kwon Soon-chan. He made his debut match for Heungkuk Life Insurance as a substitute two days after he came to the team, and since then, he has become a regular starter and earned the nickname ‘Bokdeong’. 

Lee Won-jung, who recently sat face-to-face with the reporters at the training ground in Yongin, recalled the previous season, saying, “I had a busy season because there were many things happening every day when I came here (Heungkuk Life Insurance).” Above all, it was the first time I played as a main player. He confided, “Since the transfer, he has been distracted enough to feel that ‘It seems like he compressed all the seasons he played after becoming a professional’, and he seemed to have played the third round almost alone.” 

“I didn’t expect to be put into the game from the start, but the coach just said, ‘I’m just preparing’. I was worried about that part because I couldn’t run, but now that I’m playing the game, I can definitely understand why I’m playing volleyball

. ” 1 against Korea Expressway Corporation in the championship match, 

However, the Korea Expressway Corporation broke the ‘0%’ rule and won the reverse sweep championship for the first time in the history of the V-League. It’s a somewhat heartbreaking memory for the runner-up, but I couldn’t help but bring up the story again.

Regarding the championship game, Lee Won-jung recalled, “When we were overturned in the third game at first, we were really embarrassed and had a hard time with each other.” He then pointed out, “I think it was a loss from the 3rd game that my concentration dropped significantly because my tactics and stamina collapsed.카지노사이트

A cartoon-like famous scene was also directed. In the 5th game, 17-19 in the 4th set, the road construction was behind by 2 points. At that time, a mega rally lasted about 1 minute and 10 seconds. Kim Yeon-kyung, who was completely exhausted, threw the ball while lying on the floor, but could not cross the net. At the same time, Park Jung-ah (currently Pepper Savings Bank), who was discharged, sat down, and Lee Won-jung, who collapsed while holding onto a pillar behind him, lay flat.

Regarding the situation, Lee Won-jung said, “It was a situation where I was so out of breath and the fatigue was doubled.” At the time, he could not play 100% because of a hamstring injury that had not fully healed. He is currently training toss without jumping. 

Nevertheless, the small highlights he showed during the regular season are diverse. He also provided another highlight with his own specialties of blocking and pass feint attacks that took him by surprise. It is a pleasure created by taking advantage of the opponent’s careless moment, which is only possible because he is a setter. 

“When I try the pass paint, I rarely give the players autographs, I just look at the gaps and I make my own judgments and try. do”

Currently, his most important task is the fast attack. He said, “All attack breathing of the middle blocker and setter must be perfect, but it takes a lot of practice.” If it doesn’t work, that 1 point error becomes a 3-4 point error.

Head coach Abondanza also emphasizes feint attacks and fast attacks to him. Lee Won-jung said, “I am practicing a lot of turning around in the center now, but it seems to be different depending on how much I digest. Now the coach prepares all players except for the libero to try the pipe attack. At first, the difficulty I thought it was a bit high, but now I’m somewhat used to it.” 

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