The reason Seohyun Kim is taking selection classes

“We need to build a variety of experiences!”

He was in the spotlight since high school. As expected, his name was called as the first overall pick in the 2023 rookie draft. This is ‘Super Rookie’ Seohyun Kim (19, Hanwha). Although he did not make it to the opening entry, he has been steadily playing since the beginning of the season. At one time, he was in charge of one axis of Pilseungjo. But the professional world was a jungle itself. Even though he had a lot of things, he needed to adapt. His ups and downs were steep as his restraints faltered. He must have been dissatisfied with himself. Eventually, at the beginning of last month, he was notified of going to Futures (2nd division).

Another word for his crisis was opportunity. He rushed into the starting class. He steadily increased the number of innings and pitches while circling the starting rotation. During this period, he appeared in 3 second team matches and 3 practice matches. Even on June 15 against Sangdong Lotte, he only threw 38 balls (2 innings and 2 runs). In his most recent appearance, against Goyang on the 6th, he recorded up to 97 pitches. It was the highest number of pitches in the 1st and 2nd teams after he joined the pros. In the 1st team, everyone started out only with the bullpen (the highest number of pitches, 37, against Daejeon LG on April 23).토토사이트

What is the charm of starter Kim Seo-hyun? Hanwha coach Choi Won-ho says “redemption” without hesitation. He has a fearsome fastball. The maximum speed of the fastball is close to 160 km (average 153-154 km). A number well above the league average. Manager Choi Won-ho explained, “When a fastball like that hits the strike zone, it’s not easy for batters to react (properly).” As it is the first year of his debut, there are still many areas to refine in his breaking ball. Seohyun Kim’s fastball has the power to offset even that.

Initially, Seohyun Kim dreamed of the best finish. Even in his high school days, he mainly came out as a middle pitcher. His starting transition is a challenge. Director Choi Won-ho said, “It is my personal opinion, but I think that a top-class prospect should start with the selection. He is capable of systematic training as well as gaining various experiences. He revealed that, above all, he should play as a starter to develop crisis management skills.” Kim Seo-hyun is scheduled to pitch against Doosan Seosan on the 13th. It is the last appearance of the first half. Hanwha predicted a change in the starting rotation in the second half. A typical example is Han Seung-joo’s move to the bullpen. Attention is focusing on whether Kim Seo-hyun will be able to break through the selection competition.

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