They said it would take 3 weeks… ‘300 shortstop’ amazing recovery after finger injury, batting training in 1 week

He wants to run right away.”

KIA Tigers infielder Park Chan-ho (28) is showing rapid recovery. Chan-Ho Park conducted batting training prior to the Gwangju game against the LG Twins on the 19th. The day before, he practiced batting indoors, and on this day, he batted in the field. 

On the 12th, in the game against Samsung in Daegu, he suffered damage to the ligament of the fourth finger of his left hand while hitting an infield ground ball and sliding headfirst to first base. He was told that it would take about three weeks to hit. However, he conducted his batting training in just 7 days. His recovery speed is that fast.

Coach Kim said, “Yesterday I batted indoors, but today I did batting training in the field. He says he is in good condition. There is a little pain, but it has gotten much better. He said that if the taping is good, there may be no pain. For now, wait for the second half. “I think of him as a defender and pinch runner,” he said.스포츠토토

Regarding the possibility of using a pinch hitter, “I think I need to think about it. I need to see how much pain it is to hit. He said he wants to play today as well. Maybe it’s because he is thinking of the team (which is on a losing streak), but he thinks he can win only if he goes out. “It’s a style that leads the game by actively running and defending,” he said with a smile. 

There were no problems with the defense. In the Gwangju game against Doosan on the 18th, he played shortstop in the second half and caught and threw the batted ball without difficulty. His chances of being a starter are still low. If he is selected to play, he must undergo a final check-up at the hospital. If the speed of recovery is fast, there is a possibility that he will start starting next week. 

With Park Chan-ho, who had a batting average of .302 and 29 stolen bases, missing, the team lost its structure in offense and defense. They lost all four games and fell into a swamp of five consecutive losses. Kim Do-young took over as the number one hitter, but performed poorly with no hits in three games. That’s why Park Chan-ho’s share of the team’s offense and defense was significant. The faster the return, the better for the team. /

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