Highway Corporation, which recruited a new foreign striker, Catbell, beat KGC Ginseng Corporation and won two consecutive victories. In particular, in the 1st and 2nd sets, where the defeat was strong, the road construction did not give up and followed until the end, and after the deuce, it succeeded in a double battle, repaying the support of the home fans.

Highway Corporation won 3-1 토토사이트 (30-28 26-24 20-25 28-26) in the 2022-23 V-League Women’s Ginseng Corporation match held at Gimcheon Gymnasium in Gyeongbuk on the 6th. The Korea Expressway Corporation maintained its 3rd place with 29 points (10 wins, 9 losses) with a winning streak. In addition, all four games against Ginseng Corporation this season were decorated with victories. On the other hand, Ginseng Corporation suffered a series of losses, including the previous game, and stayed in 5th place with 26 points (8 wins, 11 losses).

Band electrodes came out from the first set. The road construction was driven to 19-24, but Catbell and Jung Dae-young’s blocking sighed and tied the opponent’s room to make a 24-24 deuce. After that, after repeating one step at a time from 28 to 28, Jeon Sae-yan succeeded in two consecutive quick-opens and brought the set.

The second set was also successful. The road construction gave the set point situation first with 23-24 this time, but Bae Yoo-na’s moving attack made a deuce. Afterwards, with Catbell’s blocking goal and Moon Jeong-won’s sharp serve, the set score was 2-0.

I gave up the 3rd set, but in the 4th set, I played the reverse again. Again, in a situation where they were pushed back 23-24, Bae Yu-na’s blocking made a deuce. Afterwards, they faced tight until 26-26, and the game was finished with Jeon Sae-yan’s open score and Catbell’s blocking score.

Catbell, who joined the Korea Expressway Corporation in place of Katarina, showed off the recruitment effect by posting 20 points, including 3 blockings, and Bae Yu-na also scored 20 points by scoring blocking points at each critical moment. In addition, all strikers scored evenly, with Jeon Sae-yan scoring 19 points, Jeong Dae-young 10 points, and Moon Jeong-won 9 points.