‘This team is not good’, leaving the heart, “But LAA, Ohtani will not trade”

The moment the game ended with a diving catch by the opponent’s right fielder, Shohei Ohtani had to bow his head again.

The Los Angeles Angels suffered a painful come-from-behind defeat that ranks among the top five this season. Now, the worst trend of having to really give up the playoffs is going on.

The Angels lost 8-9 in a home game against the Houston Astros held at Angel Stadium on the 17th (Korean time). The Angels’ bullpen hunting, a typical come-from-behind defeat, was reproduced.

The Angels put in early finisher Carlos Esteves in the top of the 8th to lead 7-3. However, Esteves was beaten by a two-run home run by Chas McCormick with two out and first baseman, and was chased by two runs. Kyle Tucker allowed a series of solo shots in the middle of the right to turn the game around 7-9.

At this level, it is difficult for the team that overturned the game to gain strength in the bottom of the 9th inning, but the Angels caught up by one point with Ohtani firing a solo shot in the middle of the chase after 1 kill, Mickey Moniak’s infield hit, 2 kills and Mike Mustakas’ walk made a comeback chance with 1st and 2nd base.

Then, when Matt Ties hit a sharp ball toward right-center, 34,679 Angels home fans cheered. It was because it was a double hit. However, Houston right fielder Kyle Tucker sprinted, threw himself, and managed to clear the ball, ending the game as it was. If the batted ball had been missed, both runners would have homered and it would have been a walk-off victory. At this moment, the Angels players, including Ohtani, covered their faces with a sad sigh.

Angels manager Phil Nevin said after the game, “It hurts. It hurts. I want to forget what happened, but I risked everything and fought. It’s a painful loss.”

Coach Nevin explained the reason for using Esteves in the 8th inning: “The opponent’s batting line is a central batting line that leads to Bregman, Tucker, and Jose Abreu, and it was for a right-handed hitter-right-handed matchup. “he explained.

After one out in the bottom of the ninth, Ohtani hit right-hander Phil Mayton’s first 90-mile fastball straight through and went over the middle wall. Season 34 Arch. He hit a solo home run in the middle of the month as the lead batter in the ninth inning against Houston the previous day, trailing by 9-12. The gap with Matt Olson (30) of the Atlanta Braves, who ranked second, widened to four.

Up until this point, Ohtani would have dreamed of a reversal victory. But the Angels were not a winning team. The Angels, who recorded 46 wins and 48 losses, maintained 4th place in the AL West and 7th place in the wild card. It is 9 games away from the Texas Rangers, who are leading the district, and 6 games away from Houston, which is ranked 3rd in the wild card.해외안전놀이터 추천

The situation in which the Angels have no choice but to trade Ohtani is getting worse. Looking at the objective situation and traditional behavior, it is right for the Angels to trade Ohtani. However, it seems likely that he will not trade.

MLB.com said, ‘The Angels’ possession of Ohtani is the last year, but this complicates the situation. The Angels want to make the playoffs and re-sign Ohtani. If a playoff elimination by the trade deadline is a foregone conclusion, they can sell Ohtani,’ he said, ‘but I don’t think they will trade Ohtani. No matter what results they achieve,’ he foresaw.

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