‘This time Messi’s landslide victory’ Ronaldo statue bursting with laughter, compared to Messi

Lionel Messi (35, PSG) also won in the ‘Bronze Match’.

On the 28th, the South American Football Confederation held an awards ceremony called ‘Stars’ Night’ at the headquarters of the South American Football Confederation in Luque, Paraguay. The South American Football Confederation invited the Argentine national team and Messi, who won the World Cup in Qatar, to present the award.

The highlight was the statue of Messi. The South American Football Confederation produced and unveiled a 1:1 size statue that looks exactly like Messi. The statue, wearing an Argentine uniform and holding the World Cup trophy, reproduces Messi’s tattoos as it is. 

Messi, who saw the statue, also said, 바카라사이트“The South American Football Federation gave the highest praise. I was moved by the special moment.”

Football fans compared Messi and the statue to Ronaldo. Ronaldo’s hometown, Madeira, Portugal, erected a bust of Ronaldo at Madeira Airport in 2017. The bronze statue of Ronaldo, with both eyes directed to one side, does not resemble the real thing at all, causing laughter. There are many opinions that the statue with only his face is hideous.

Fans can’t help but laugh, saying, “Messi won in the bronze statue match”, “There is nothing better about Ronaldo than Messi”, “Ronaldo will be really embarrassed”, “Messi’s landslide victory again”. 

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