Transformation of neglected ‘grains’ captivates Generation Z

How did our people, who lived on the basis of ‘food’, neglect grains? Grains were branded as an unhealthy carbohydrate food with the popularity of the Emperor Diet and the keto diet. Grains are now in the spotlight again. This is because grains, other than refined carbohydrates, have been rediscovered as a treasure trove of protein, healthy fats, and minerals and are a healthy food. In addition, the ‘Newtro’ trend, which refers to the tendency to enjoy old things in a new way, has been established, and younger generations who are accustomed to stimulating tastes are turning their attention to the healthy taste of old things. Take a look at grain products that are responsible for not only satiety but also rich nutrition.

Grains are an indispensable key ingredient in the vegetable beverage market, which has recently been showing strong strength. According to Euromonitor, a market research firm, the domestic vegetable beverage market has grown rapidly by 35.9 % in five years from 510.9 billion won in 2016 to 694.2 billion won last year , and is expected to reach 1 trillion won in 2026 . Almond and oat (oat) beverages are the fastest-growing products in the domestic vegetable beverage market. Almond Breeze, a global leader in almond beverages, has collaborated with Maeil Dairy’s Amazing Oats to launch a new Almond Breeze Almond & Oat for consumers who are worried about choosing between a low-calorie almond drink and a soft-tasting oat drink.

Almond Breeze Almond & Oats is a hybrid product created by combining low-calorie almonds with soft-bodied oats containing rich nutrients. Made with 100 % California premium almonds and 100 % Finnish clean oats, it is rich in calcium and vitamin E. It has also received vegan certification from the Korea Vegan Certification Authority. In particular, if you enjoy it as a latte with coffee, you can feel a deeper and richer flavor, and it is perfect as a light snack. It is a good choice not only for consumers looking for a healthy diet, but also for consumers who are reluctant to consume milk due to problems such as lactose intolerance and saturated fat.

CJ CheilJedang launched ‘ Excycle ‘, a food upcycling brand specializing in food upcycling, which was created through the hands of six employees of the MZ generation through an in-house venture program. Two types (original and hot spicy) were introduced. There is one more special feature of Crispy Chips, which contains the rich taste and nutrition of grains. The point is that it is an upcycling product of soy bean curd produced in the tofu manufacturing process and broken rice produced in the manufacturing process of Hetbahn. Crispy Chips, which contains 60 % of broken rice and bean curd , not only made valuable use of food by-products, but also increased its eco-friendly value by recycling used and discarded plastic bottles for packaging.

One bag of crispy chips contains the protein of one egg and the fiber of two bananas. There are two types of spicy original and spicy hot spicy, you can choose according to your taste. Crispy Chip Original, which has a salty taste added to the plain taste of grain, is good to eat as a snack when studying or when your mouth is bored. Crispy Chip Hot Spicy, with its spicy pepper flavor, goes well with a cold beer at the end of a day’s work.

The fact that there is always a cook-on-cooker restaurant in the ‘Hot Place’, a restaurant that is loved these days. This is because consumers who are tired of the stimulating taste are looking for foods that are light and full of nutrients. Boiled rice is made with various ingredients according to one’s taste, but most of all, it is characterized by the use of various grains to create a savory taste.

There is a perception that pot rice, which is cumbersome in preparing ingredients and cooking, can only be enjoyed at expensive Korean traditional meals. In response, Ottogi’s vegan specialty brand ‘Hello Veggie’ introduced two types of ‘Healthy Cooked Rice’ with plenty of domestically produced natural ingredients. Hello Veggie’s healthy pot rice comes in two types: the healthy mushroom pot rice with 3 kinds of mushrooms, and the healthy vegetable pot rice with 3 types of herbs. Both products contain 6 types of grains (rice, barley, oats, brown rice, black rice, and glutinous rice) to add a savory taste. It can be easily completed with microwave cooking, and it has also received vegan certification from the world’s oldest vegan organization, the UK’s ‘Vegan Society’. It is a health-focused product with a low-sugar and high-fiber design.

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