Turner explodes solo gun on Imanaga 2006 Shoulder to shoulder with Lee Seung-yeop

The US National Baseball Team took the lead in the final with Trey Turner’s solo home run.

Turner started as the 6th shortstop in the 2023 WBC (World Baseball Classic) final against Japan held at Londipo Park in Miami, Florida, USA on the 22nd (Korean time), and started a home run in the first at-bat.

Turner hit a solo home run that took the lead in the second inning when the score was 0-0, with no runners out. 2B-1S With an advantageous count, Japanese starting pitcher Imana shot Shota’s 4th pitch 91.5 mile (147km) four-seam fastball and went over the left wall. 

Turner hit his fifth home run in the tournament,바카라사이트 tying the record for most home runs in a single tournament set by Lee Seung-yeop (current coach of Doosan) in the first tournament in 2006. If you add one home run on this day, you can write a new history of WBC home runs.

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