The Fair Trade Commission’s standards for golf course use require customers to pay 10% of the golf course fee for each team if they cancel their weekend golf course reservation 2-3 days in advance, and 30% if they cancel on the same day as a penalty. established terms and conditions.

The standard terms and conditions are a kind of model terms and conditions disseminated by the Fair Trade Commission for each sector, and business operators do not necessarily follow them.

However, from next year, it is expected that the use of standard terms and conditions will be used to expand the use of golf courses to receive various tax benefits such as individual consumption tax exemption after being designated as a public golf course.

The Fair Trade Commission announced on the 18th that it had revised the standard terms and conditions for use of golf courses to clarify the standards for penalties and to prevent forcible sales of food and items.

According to the revised standard terms and conditions, if the reservation date falls on a weekend or holiday, you do not have to pay a 메이저놀이터 penalty fee even if you cancel the reservation up to four days before use (reservation fee refunded). 20%, and 30% on the day as a penalty.

The golf course usage fee for each team is the amount multiplied by the number of people expected to use the basic golf course usage fee, excluding incidental expenses such as cart usage fee and shower facility usage fee.

If the date of use is a weekday, there is no penalty until three days in advance, 10% of the fee for two days in advance, 20% for one day in advance, and 30% for the same day.

The existing standard terms and conditions were the same in that they did not charge a penalty until four days prior to the weekend, but 5% of the admission fee (50% of the reservation fee) 2 to 3 days before the date of use, and 10% (100% of the reservation fee) on the day before and on the day of use. was ordered to

However, there was a potential for dispute due to the lack of a clear definition of ‘admission fee’, and in many cases, individual golf clubs applied their own penalty standards instead of standard terms and conditions because the level of penalty was lower than what was commonly used in reality.

According to the Korea Consumer Agency’s survey on the use of golf courses last year, 107 (97.2%) of 110 golf courses that charge a penalty for canceling a reservation exceeded 10% of the total usage fee. Twenty-three places (20.9%) were over 100% of the total usage fee.

Last year, 90 cases (19.6%) of 460 cases related to the use of golf courses received at the 1372 Consumer Consultation Center were about excessive penalties when canceling reservations.

An official from the Fair Trade Commission said, “Until now, some operators have charged 100% of the usage fee as a penalty or arbitrarily set the admission fee.” 10% to 30%), but if the number of business operators using standard terms and conditions increases due to the realization of the penalty, we expect that the penalty on the market will be lower overall, as there will be fewer cases of excessively charging the penalty.”

The revised standard terms and conditions exclude incidental expenses such as cart usage fees from the rates that are the standard for golf course reservations and penalties.

In addition, even if a business operator cancels a reservation due to golf course circumstances, it is required to compensate the user for a penalty of 10 to 30% depending on the date of cancellation of the reservation.

In addition, a new obligatory provision was added to prevent forced purchases of goods and food, etc., to prevent reservations on the condition of using the clubhouse restaurant or forcing customers to use the shade house (a place that sells food and beverages prepared in the middle of the golf course hall).