What is it that you can’t do, Kim Min-jae ‘flyed’ as a goalkeeper during training

I wasn’t serious because it was open training. I had a penalty kick match with my ‘best friend’ Hwang In-beom (26, Olympiacos). Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) defended the goal this time and even dived.

On the 24th at 8:00 pm at Ulsan Munsu Stadium, the Korean national team played Colombia and ‘Hana Bank’s Invitational National Team Friendly Match’. In the first half, Colombia scored multiple goals, but in the second half, it was a 2-2 draw with consecutive goals.

On the 25th, at 10:00 am, we held an open training for fans. The players who started the game against Colombia did a recovery training program, and the rest of the players warmed up by spinning the ball and practicing shooting.

Around the time the open training was in progress, Kim Min-jae and Hwang In-beom took a penalty kick from the opposite side. They took turns kicking penalty kicks from the right post. Kim Min-jae responded to Hwang In-beom’s kick by diving in front of the goal.

It was not a formal training and it was a light situation, so there was no need to take it seriously. However, it is difficult to see Kim Min-jae playing goalkeeper in front of the goal post. He wasn’t agile with perfect posture because he wasn’t a goalkeeper, but Hwang In-beom’s reaction to the ball course was impressive.

Kim Min-jae is one of the key defenders of the Korean national team beyond Napoli. He has been in full bloom since joining Napoli last summer. In addition to blocking the ball in central defense, he also played like a fullback by supplying accurate passes and sprinting into an empty space when the situation came up.

In the match against Colombia,스포츠토토 he showed an aggressive forward defense. He was not pushed at all even in a body fight with a Colombian player. From the defender’s point of view, it is regrettable that he gave up two runs in the first half of the second half, but Kim Min-jae’s great performance continues in the game against Colombia.

After the open training, Kim Min-jae signed autographs for the fans, took pictures, and even provided fan service. After resting on the 25th, the Korean national team will return to Paju NFC at 5:00 pm on the 26th to prepare for the game against Uruguay. Since I’m back after vacation, the training on the 26th will be held at 6pm instead of the morning.

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