Who are the top 5 candidates for the championship among right-handed orthodox prospects, left-handed compensation players, and sidearm rookies? [SC focus]

Three different pitchers, right-handed orthodox, left-handed and sidearm, enter the final competition.

The LG Twins’ 5th starting audition is covered in practice. LG only prepared for three practice games at the Arizona spring camp, and returned to Korea after playing only two games against the Dutch national team and the Los Angeles Dodgers. On the 11th, LG started its domestic practice with a practice game against NC Dinos. While playing 14 exhibition games, the main players raise the sense of the game.

The focus is on the mound. In particular, I wonder how the starting pitcher will be. The mound conceived by LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop is for Casey Kelly and Adam Plutko’s foreigner one-two punch, Kim Yoon-shik, who emerged as an ace in the second half of last year, and Lee Min-ho, who continued to grow by winning 12 wins last year, as the 3rd and 4th starters. And the last 5 starters competed at the camp, and now they start the test through actual combat.

Currently, the final candidates are orthodox right-hander Kang Hyo-jong, left-hander Kim Yoo-young, a compensation player for Yoo Kang-nam, who left for Lotte, and Park Myung-geun, a rookie high school graduate sidearm pitcher.

Kang Hyo-jong stood out in this camp. The ball was so good that coach Yeom praised it. Director Yeom said, “The number of rotations of each type of pitch, such as fastball, slider, and curveball, is the highest in the major leagues. If this is a number, it is the level of raising it as a top prospect in the major leagues.” did.

Last year, Kim Yoo-young went out to Lotte as a midget and recorded 13 holds. Kim Dae-yu, who was a left-handed setup man, left for the KIA Tigers as a compensation player for free agent Park Dong-won, so it was assumed that he was recruited as a replacement for Kim Dae-yu, but Yeom put him in the selection list and competed. The reason for this was the pitching mechanism capable of throwing many balls and the use of various breaking balls.안전놀이터

Park Myung-geun is the only rookie who participated in this camp. This is a pitcher Yeom has been keeping an eye on since last year when he was the KBO technical committee chairman. Even when he went to camp, he was classified as a bullpen agent, but when he came, he became a starting candidate. He has quick quick motion, so he doesn’t have to worry about stealing bases even when there are runners around. It is evaluated that he can be a starting pitcher because he has fast ball control and stable game management as an ace since high school.

All three of them have their own weapons, so the performance they show in the demonstration game is important. The key is who can show their ability on the mound as it is.

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