Will Park Min-ji, the ‘Prize King’, become the first Korean player to enter the LPGA team event?

The Hanwha Life International Crown is a national team event on the LPGA Tour held in San Francisco, USA. Four players from eight countries will participate, and the ranking will be determined by team performance. Here, Korea confirmed its participation along with the United States, Japan, Sweden, Thailand, England, Australia and China. However, the way to participate in the competition is simple. The world ranking as of April 4 is the qualification for participation. It is one month before the tournament, which opens on May 5th.

However, looking at the current situation, it seems that Park Min-ji, who is a domestic player, will be able to qualify for the tournament. She is eligible to compete in the Hanwha Life Insurance International Crown along with Ko Jin-young (28), Jeon In-ji (29) and Kim Hyo-joo (28).

The reason is simple. This is because he is ranked 14th, the 4th highest ranked Korean player, following Ko Jin-young in 5th place, Jeon In-ji in 8th place, and Kim Hyo-joo in 9th place. So far, there has never been a domestic player on the Korean team that competed for the championship, winning the 2018 LPGA Tour International Crown, runner-up in 2016, and tied for 3rd in 2014.

This is because domestic players who mainly play on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour had a harder time accumulating world ranking points than LPGA tour players, making it almost impossible to be included in the top four players in the world rankings. But Park Min-ji was different. Even in such an unfavorable environment, she proudly occupied a place in the Big 4 at the KLPGA with her overwhelming skills.

There are three factors to this. The first is, of course, Park Min-ji’s outstanding skills. Park Min-ji swept 6 wins, including 2 wins in major tournaments on the KLPGA Tour last year. She maintains the status of a queen in domestic competitions.

In addition to this, she also benefited from the rise in the status of Korean women’s golf and the increase in ranking points given to KLPGA tour events. Relatively, the scores given to the KLPGA went up, so Park Min-ji naturally benefited. Lastly, the fact that the performance of Korean players on the LPGA Tour last year did not meet expectations also played a role.

However, there is still no guarantee that Park Min-ji will be able to participate in the Hanwha Life Insurance International Crown unconditionally. There are also many negative prospects that are not easy in reality. This is because Park Min-ji, currently ranked 14th in the world, is the fourth Korean player, but there is considerable room for change in the rankings.

The reason is schedule. The KLPGA 토토사이트 tour has no competitions until the end of March. There must be a tournament to raise the ranking, but there is no chance to raise the ranking points until April 4, when the participating players are confirmed. On the other hand, the LPGA Tour holds six tournaments from April to April. (Of course, no Korean player participates before the opening). Lee Jeong-eun (27) and others have ample opportunities to overtake Park Min-ji.

However, if Park Min-ji really wants it, he can get a chance. It is the LPGA Tour HSBC Women’s World Championship held in Singapore in March. If you win the competition, it can be said that it is virtually certain. Even if you place in the top ranks, you can increase your world ranking points vertically. Even if you are not a member of the LPGA Tour, you can participate in the HSBC Women’s World Championship simply by submitting an application form if you are a player within the top 20 in the world rankings. There is no problem with Park Min-ji’s participation.

Park Min-ji, who already has no rivals in Korea, once announced that she would actively participate in LPGA tour events this year.

Therefore, it is very likely that she will participate in the HSBC Women’s World Championship in March, which has no domestic competition. In the end, it is very likely that the results of the Women’s World Championship will determine whether or not to participate in the Hanwha Life Insurance International team event.

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