Will the international tournament of the best left-handed pitcher of all time come to a lonely end? [WBC]

Is the international competition of ‘great pitcher’ ending so lonely?

KIA Tigers Yang Hyeon-jong is the best pitcher in the league that needs no explanation. Along with Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto) and Kim Gwang-hyun (SSG), he has firmly protected Korean baseball as a ‘left-handed troika’ for more than a decade. It is 159 wins in KBO career. 3rd all-time record. He is the active player with the most wins, and the youngest ever to win 150. It is reserved to surpass the 161 wins of second place Jeong Min-cheol.

He also has extensive experience in international competitions. He only participated in the Asian Games three times in a row, and also wore the national team uniform at the 2017 World Baseball Classic (WBC) and the 2019 Premier 12.

Considering the 35-year-old age, Yang Hyeon-jong’s WBC could actually be his last international tournament. Great expectations were raised. This is the national team that has undergone a generation change on the mound. Two veteran players, Yang Hyun-jong and Kim Gwang-hyun, had to hold the center. No matter how good your pitch is, the most important thing in international competitions where you meet unfamiliar players is experience.

However, experience is powerful when supported by basic skills. In the game against Australia held on the 9th, Yang Hyeon-jong climbed the mound in a desperate situation as expected by coach Lee Kang-cheol. He saved Kim Won-joong in the first out of the 8th inning situation with 4-5. Since Kim Won-joong allowed a reverse three-run four in the previous inning, Yang Hyeon-jong overwhelmingly blocked the 8th inning and had to aim for a reversal at the end of the 8th.

But something unbelievable happened. Yang Hyeon-jong was hit by a second baseman infield hit by Rickson Wingrove and a left double by Logan Wade, facing a second and third base crisis. And he allowed Robbie Perkins to throw a left-handed three-run four. It was the moment when Australia took the win.

In this tournament, a player who pitches in must face at least three batters before the innings change. Yang Hyeon-jong’s pitch seemed to be abnormal, but it was impossible to replace at Perkins’ plate. And changing Yang Hyeon-jong just because he sent out a runner was hurting the player’s pride. But the results were disastrous.

The point was not the problem, but the unfortunate part was that he seemed unprepared at all. The ball was driven to a good place to hit, and the pitch was not like that in his prime. It even made the Australian batters feel like they were hitting with support. They were Australian hitters who had a hard time attacking other pitchers in Korea, but Yang Hyeon-jong’s ball was hit with perfect timing. I’m not sure if I’m still in 100% physical condition, I did my best, but I can’t guarantee whether the Australian batters hit well or not, but it was a start that left me with regret.안전놀이터

Yang Hyeon-jong, who was scheduled to be used at the most important moment, whether it was a starter or a bullpen. It is questionable whether he will be able to play against Japan on the 10th if he pitches against Australia. It doesn’t seem likely that his condition will suddenly improve in one day, but Korea has to defeat Japan somehow, so coach Lee Kang-cheol may be worried.

Of course, he can lead the victory with a different look in the match against Japan. Just like Australia beat Korea, baseball is unknown. But it seems clear that the years are passing.

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