‘Win Now’ failed Tottenham… The manager Tottenham needs is ‘a person like this’

It is argued that Tottenham Hotspur needs a manager who has affection for the club.

Tottenham are in the midst of finding a new manager. It seems that the candidates have been narrowed down to manager Julian Nagelsmann and manager Mauricio Pochettino, but there is still no certainty that the two managers will come to Tottenham. In the midst of various words about Tottenham’s manager candidates, it was argued that the manager Tottenham really needs is a manager who loves the team more than anything else. To be precise, the argument is that we need a manager who has affection for the team.

The British ‘Telegraph’ said, “What Tottenham’s next manager needs is a fundamental element. That is love. Tottenham needs someone who wants to stay on the team,” said managers who lead other clubs in the English Premier League (EPL).

The media said, “Tottenham need people like Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta, Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola, Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp and Manchester United’s Eric ten Haag.” It was said that Tottenham, like other teams, should find a manager who has affection for the team who can trust and entrust the future of the team in the long term.

Looking at the actual situation of other teams, it can be confirmed that all of the EPL’Big 6′ teams, except Tottenham, have been accompanying or planning to accompany a manager for a long time.

Of course, for immediate results, we need to bring in a coach with a certain ability. Tottenham also chose this ‘win now’ method. However, recently with manager Antonio Conte and before that, with manager Jose Mourinho, they must have felt painfully that the way they chose was wrong. Even if you can’t aim for the championship right away,온라인카지노 it is argued that you need a coach who can set goals and grow with the team.

It is also necessary to promise active support from the club. There are plenty of managers looking for jobs or new ones on the market, but it’s hard to be sure that Tottenham will be seen as an attractive option for them. Instead, Tottenham can promise support and give them a certain treatment. There aren’t many conditions Tottenham can offer to a new manager, but one of them will have to include active support to bring in the right manager.

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