‘Worst in 124 years’ Oakland, 29-133 pace… “10 points allowed in front of dozens of people”

The Oakland Athletics are on the verge of breaking their first record in 124 years.

Oakland lost to the Houston Astros 1-10 on the 29th (local time).

With the loss, Oakland recorded 10 wins and 45 losses for the season. It is the lowest winning percentage among the 30 MLB teams. At this pace, CBS Sports predicted that Oakland would go 29-133 this season. It will be the worst performance in MLB 124 years.안전놀이터

In addition, in the beginning of the ninth inning, when Houston scored the 10th run with a home run by Jordan Alvarez, a fan made fun of the small number of home spectators on Twitter, saying, “10 runs in front of dozens of people.” This article has been reported to have been deleted.

According to Baseball Reference, Oakland’s average home attendance this season is 8,887, which is also MLB’s worst. The average attendance at Auckland’s home games last year was 7915.

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