‘Yasin’ Kim Seong-geun, a curveballer who caught the eye, grew up after receiving the legendary experience

“It’s really like a dream.”

Songwon University left-handed pitcher Jeong Hyeon-soo (22) has recently become famous. It all started when he appeared on JTBC’s popular entertainment program, ‘Choi Gyan Baseball’. Applied for the 2023 season tryout and threw a curveball with a big drop, capturing the heart of coach Seong-geun Kim. The legends who dominated the KBO League also exclaimed at Jung Hyun-soo’s breaking ball. So Jung Hyeon-soo joined the strongest baseball monsters in the expectation of many people.

Jung Hyeon-soo,안전놀이터 whom we met at the 1st High School/University All-Star Game recently held at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park, said, “I am an amateur player and lack a lot. Even if my ball goes well, I want to be confirmed. Even now, being with the legends is like a dream,” he said about his recent daily life.

What motivated you to appear in Strongest Baseball? Jung Hyeon-soo said, “I became a good pitcher on the college stage. However, I thought that if I played with a camera and a crowd, I would have a stronger heart than I do now. I wanted to see if I could do it. I wanted to experience in advance what I would have to go through if I went pro.”

The day I participated in the tryout, I was in particularly good condition. On the other hand, he emptied his mind while looking at his outstanding competitors. Then he could throw a better ball. Jung Hyeon-soo said, “When I played catch, the curve was thrown really well. Coach Seong-geun Kim also rated it highly, so I felt good. The condition was especially good. There were many other good players, so I put my mind down. ‘It’s a good experience. Let’s relax. I went through a tryout with the thought of ‘and the results came out good.”

Just playing baseball with the legends helps a lot. In particular, Jang Won-sam, who was a left-handed pitcher like Jung Hyeon-soo, taught him how to grip a breaking ball. Jung Hyeon-soo smiled, saying, “I was weak in the slider. I was worried a lot, but I learned how to throw a slider from Jang Won-sam. Thanks to him, he taught me so well, I have confidence now.”

Jung Hyeon-soo, who graduated from Busan High School and challenged the professional stage in 2020, but suffered unknown pain. “When I was in high school, I played as a hitter. I played center fielder and right fielder. However, he was not particularly good at anything. “I looked back on the past.

However, he honed and polished his skills at Songwon University, and recorded an average ERA of 3.57 with 129 strikeouts in 83⅓ innings last year with 10 wins and 1 loss. He recorded 2 wins, 1 loss, 2.10 earned run average and 8 strikeouts in 6 games and 30⅓ innings this year as well.

Jung Hyeon-soo said, “I want to become a player who constantly works hard regardless of his ability. Baseball was not enough. I want to be,” he said.

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