YouTuber Spends Three Years Doing a GTA 5 Pacifist Run, Still Kills Nearly 100 People

Grand Theft Auto 5, like the other games in the series, can be pretty violent, and one YouTuber shows that even a pacifist run requires casualties.

Someone has spent the better part of three years completing a pacifist run of Grand Theft Auto 5, although in doing so they still had to kill almost a hundred people to finish the story. As one of the highest-grossing video games of all time, Rockstar’s fifth offering in its hugely successful franchise is still a mainstay for many in the community, despite the fact that it came out almost ten years ago. However, along with Grand Theft Auto Online, the game has clearly stood the test of time, especially given how much players can see and do.

Of course, one thing that has attracted attention over the years is controversy. Naysayers still consider the series to be nothing more than mindless shooting and killing, but many fans insist there is more to do in Grand Theft Auto than violence and crime. No doubt more than a few players have wondered whether it’s possible to complete GTA 5 without murdering a single NPC, and it took one YouTuber a substantial amount of time to experiment with the game and see if such a thing is even possible.

After three years, a gamer going by DarkViperAU on YouTube has finally completed their series in which they attempted a full pacifist run of Grand Theft Auto 5. After a lot of trial and error, they managed to get to the end of the game. However, in doing so, they still had to kill 96 NPCs, apparently the absolute bare minimum that’s required to finish the story. This latest video shows how difficult it is to get through missions without either having to kill a target or take on the police without resorting to violence. Some rules for the run included: no using mods or cheat, the player not killing anyone, and if an NPC must be killed, they have to do so either using melee or their “weakest weapon,” such as a pistol.

One such mission was when DarkViperAU was trying to kill Mr. Cheng, which involved convincing the AI to drive into water enough times to cause drowning. One example of when the YouTuber had to resort to violence was in the case of killing Steve Haines, one of GTA’s most hated villains. Unfortunately, because Haines was moving around on a Ferris wheel and the player could not get on in any way, DarkViperAU had to take him out with a pistol.

The YouTuber is known for their challenge and speedruns of the Grand Theft Auto games and has even attempted to complete GTA 5 without taking any damage. Unfortunately, they were unable to accomplish this, though a user called UnNameD did succeed. But it goes to show there is still so much players can do in this game’s massive world.

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