‘Zero tolerance for school violence’ Lee Da-young, who left Korea without a knife, “moments”

What’s next in Romania?

Setter Lee Da-young (27, setter, Rapid Bucharest, Romania), who was expelled from the Korean stage for causing controversy over school violence, recently revealed her current situation through social media. 

In the photo posted on the 15th (Korean time), Lee Da-young revealed the appearance of wearing a uniform with the name of a sponsor of a domestic financial company. 

He also posted a picture taken in the bathroom with the short phrase ‘moments’, the current situation taken on the street or in a restaurant, and the appearance of himself playing the game. The post showed supportive comments from a majority of overseas fans and a small number of domestic fans.

Lee Da-young also played for Rapid Bucharest in the 22-23 season, but there was no significant performance. It is not known exactly what his next destination will be. 

In addition, his older sister Lee Jae-young, an outside heater, revealed her current situation through her sister Lee’s YouTube in December of last year. At that time, Lee Jae-young showed conversations with her sister Lee through the video, such as “Isn’t there a story of returning to (league)?” and “I was cool (on the court).” 

Twin sisters Lee Jae-young (27, outside heater, no team) and Lee Da-young, who previously belonged to Heungkuk Life Insurance, were released from the domestic stage in 2021 due to school violence. In February of the same year, the situation escalated out of control as victims revealed the facts of school violence by sisters Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young through an online community. 

In June of the same year, the two sisters ignited controversy with explanations such as “I only held a knife and cursed, but did not wield it” and “The club forced an apology” through public broadcasting, and as criticism from public opinion intensified, the Greek League moved to Lee Jae-young returned home midway due to injury and Lee Da-young moved to Romania.

Later, it was additionally revealed that the two sisters sued the victims in reverse for spreading false information. However, the victims were acquitted as a result of three police investigations, and it was revealed that the sisters immediately filed an objection to the prosecution for defamation and urged the victims to come to an agreement. 

The case has grown exponentially, becoming a spark to recognize the seriousness of school violence and to devise vigilance and countermeasures in the entertainment board beyond the sports board and furthermore in society.토토사이트

The recently controversial school violence by the son of lawyer Jeong Soon-shin and the government’s establishment of countermeasures are also related to this. On the 12th, the government mandated that “even when records are deleted after graduation, the consent of the victim (school violence) must be obtained, and the records of students who have been punished beyond compulsory transfer must be preserved for four years.” In addition, measures against school violence are being strengthened all over the country, and the alarm is constantly sounding. 

In response, Prime Minister Han Deok-soo declared an eradication of school violence, saying, “We will apply the principle of zero tolerance to school violence and take responsibility for the perpetration.”  

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